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Success Stories

Precision Marketing produces custom practice newsletters for a variety of medical professionals. Here are just a few of the comments weve received from some of our clients, sorted by specialty.
We work closely with many practice management consulting firms across the country, helping their clients build loyalty in their patients while attracting new ones. At the end of this list are a couple of comments from consultants.

Chiropractic & Physical Therapy practices:
J. Haygood, DC
The newsletter is very well put together; the patient testimonial was very well received.

M. Greene, PT
Good response. (We like) the price, the look of the newsletter, and your ability and willingness to work with us. Everythings great!

Dental practices:
M. Kingery, DDS
We like the personalized service. {The office was kind enough to pass along to us the following message they received from one of their patients.}
Thought Id take the time to drop you a line expressing how I find myself reading Filling You In with its most interesting and educational information; just enough reading material to keep ones attention span; easy to read and understand, over and over. Good stuff!

J. Gray, DDS
Favorable responses to layout and presentation. The newsletter seemed to be well liked by the people who we heard from. They liked the photo and tried to match names to the picture. The service was great. I like the helpfulness of the staff.

L. Thompson, DDS
Articles and format are excellent. Flexibility of content and customization are also excellent.

M. Grounds, DDS
Some patients who had not been in for a while came in after receiving it. (We like) the short amount of time needed by staff to produce (the) newsletter.

Optometric practices:
L. Zigler, OD
We get a lot of patient response from our newsletter. Our newsletter is well worth the dollars spent. You make the commitment and it pays for itself.

H. Ettinger, OD
Im very pleased with your work on the newsletters and brochures.

E. Severtson, Office Manager for an OD
Nancy did an excellent job of duplicating and laying out our newsletter. Shes very good! I was impressed. She has an artistic eye with a good sense of balance and aesthetics.

Veterinary practices:
E. Epp, DVM
Clients appreciated the newsletter, getting to know more about the staff members. All stats are up.

P. Rumble, DVM
Many clients comment on how much they enjoy reading the newsletters. They loved it!! Were pleased with the service.

G. Malnati, DVM
My newsletter is esthetically pleasing. I appreciate your persistence to get the product. Id never get it out on my own.

O. Pratt, DVM
Weve experienced a steady growth during this time, and I feel certain our newsletter has been a big part of it. Our clients respond to our newsletter. The public is hungry for information, and this has been a great way to get it to them. The clients like that its both fun and informative.

Clients report Precision Marketing does a great job and is very reasonable price-wise, often cheaper than they could do it for in-house.

Sending regular newsletters is a great way to build steady practice growth, and Precision Marketing is the best in the business that Ive seen.

Earn $75!

Earn a $75 referral award!
Just as you appreciate it when patients or clients refer friends and family to your practice, we love it when our clients refer others to us! If you know of a practice that could benefit from our newsletter service, please tell them about us. If they let us know you sent them, and use us to produce a newsletter, we'll give you a $75 referral award as our way of saying thanks!

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