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Practice Postcards

While our specialty remains custom practice newsletters, we recognize sometimes you need a less expensive promotional avenue. Perhaps you want to promote to prospective patients or clients. A newsletter isn't the best vehicle for that type of 'shotgun marketing'.

Has a tough economy left you watching every penny? The last thing you want to drop is your promotional activities. That's how you increase your bottom line. So if your budget just can't handle a newsletter right now, send a postcard.

Postcards are much less expensive to produce — as little as 5¢ a piece! — and depending on the format you choose, may even be less expensive to mail.

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Too busy?

Time to Promote!

During a down economy, the last thing you want to do is stop your promotion. If you do, you're directly hurting your bottom line! We offer many cost- effective ways to promote your practice. Give us a call today!



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