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Precision Marketing &
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Started in 1988, Precision Marketing & Client Communications creates custom practice newsletters for Chiropractors, Dentists, Optometrists, Physical Therapists, Podiatrists and Veterinarians throughout the United States. These newsletters educate patients or clients in a pleasant, professional and entertaining manner. Newsletters introduce new procedures and products, as well as the practice staff. They provide a perfect tool for staying in touch with patients or clients on a regular basis, and encourage them to keep coming in for their checkups.
Many practices today understand the importance of an informed patient or client. It's vital to a practice's health. Patients and clients who understand the necessity for regular checkups are more likely to come in, as well as take advantage of other services offered by the practice.
To see some examples of our custom practice newsletters, visit the Products page. You’ll find pictures of newsletters for the main fields we work with. If you don't see yours, don't be discouraged. We can produce a newsletter for almost any medical field. Request a Newsletter Starter Kit, send us an email or give us a call at 727-443-5263 to learn more.

Why use Precision Marketing?

There are several companies producing newsletters for medical practices, but few have been doing so for as long as we have, or work with as broad a range of medical fields. But what makes Precision Marketing stand out the most is our high level of customization and quality.
We believe your newsletter should really be your newsletter. We don't just throw your name and address on a canned piece. You have complete editorial control of your pages. You can have as many as three photographs included at no extra cost. Take candid shots of happy patients, clients, or staff. We'll include your logo in your newsletter and design a nameplate just for you. If you don't have a practice logo, contact our parent company, Quill & Mouse Studios.
If you're considering a website for your practice, we can help you with that as well! Once again, Quill & Mouse Studios is ready to help. We can post your newsletter to your website, too.
Precision Marketing has satisfied clients all across the United States, some who've been with us for many years. But don't just take our word for it. Check out our Success Stories page for some of their comments

Ready for a website?

Ready for a website?
Be sure to contact our parent company, Quill & Mouse Studios, Inc. As a complete design shop, they can build a site that's just for you — not like you'll find with those "template" based companies. Plus, as a Precision Marketing client, you'll be allowed to reprint articles from your newsletter on your website.


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